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Marketta Goodson is the Owner and Operator of ArTis Hands LLC named after her late Grandmother ArTis Mae Williams. Marketta is a Trenton Native where her first location resides. Marketta is a licensed Cosmetologist (2007), Licensed Massage Therapist (2008), Certified Body Sculpting & Post Op Therapist (2018), Certified Advanced Post Op Specialist (2021), National Certified Phlebotomist (2021). Also holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Sales and Marketing. 


ArTis Hands LLC was started in 2011. Working for 10 years as a travel massage therapist and hair stylist, holding various contracts throughout New Jersey Marketta has tons of experience in the industry. Working for companies like Capital Health, Compassionate Care Hospice through St. Francis, Health Fairs Direct, Zeel On Demand Massage, The Back Rub Company, Hand and Stone, Stark & Stark Law Firm. Hundreds of on-site corporate clients to date! It’s safe to say you are in great hands with Marketta! 


After traveling for 10 years as a service provider Marketta took residence in a brick and mortar in 2018 and now runs a suite space in the city of Trenton New Jersey. During this time Marketta decided to target her practice market specifically to women! A life dream of hers was to always provide relaxation and make clients feel good! Taking on the task of specifically catering to women and the constant demand on their life made Marketta’s journey more fulfilling. Her motto is to provide a space for women to relax and take time for themselves with out feeling and or needing permission! 


ArTis Hands LLC provides services like Full Body Massage, Body Sculpting, Post Op Care, Hair Care, and Loc Maintenance.

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